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Pie Corbett

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Pie Corbett visit 2nd February 2015

Pie Corbett, author and educationalist, visited Whitchurch to see how the ‘Talk for Writing’ project is going. He spent the day with us, taking a tour of our school to look at writing and talk to children. It is safe to say that he was impressed with our children’s enthusiasm for writing, as well as the wonderful stories, poems and nonfiction pieces they are producing!

The high point of the day was when Pie told the story of the ‘King of the Fishes’ in assembly. It was greatly enjoyed by everyone, especially Years Two and Three who had learned it last year and wrote their own versions.

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Pie Corbett Writing Project Update

Whitchurch School is buzzing with the sound of storytelling! In every classroom, children are reciting wonderful stories, from the ‘Little Red Hen’ in Aspen to a Polish legend further up the school. Beautiful story maps have been created and, from these, all ages are able to orally retell a complete story and perform a range of actions representing key words. The excitement and enthusiasm for storytelling paid dividends last week when children came to write their own version of the story and the results have been impressive, right across the school. Our children are very proud of their stories and the progress they have made in writing. Furthermore, they have enjoyed the whole process and are keen to tell their story to anyone who will listen! We are now moving onto non fiction texts which will be learnt in much the same way. Watch this space.

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