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National Support School

National Leader of Education (NSS/NLE)

NSS/NLE status is granted by the National College for Leadership of Schools to those schools that are considered good enough to support schools in challenging circumstances.

The National College for Teaching and Leadership has designated Whitchurch Primary School as a National Support School which means that we work with others to share best practice.

Mrs Claire McKeown is a National Leader of Education.

In addition to this we have three members of staff who are Specialist Leaders of Education:

Mrs Fiona Wood, Mrs Alison Weston and Miss Vicky Tansley.

The National Leaders of Education (NLEs) and National Support Schools Programme (NSS) is about using people’s skills to make a difference to the educational experience of more children. In addition to running their own outstanding schools, NLEs work with their National Support School staff in schools that are facing challenging circumstances. They and their team work to increase the leadership capacity in these schools and help to raise standards.

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